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Thyroid Disorders

Dr. Soszka is a leading expert on holistic thyroid diagnosis and treatment. He treats over 20 different types of thyroid disorders including Hashimoto’s disease.

Digestive Health

Dr. Soszka specializes in getting results using functional medicine for many types of digestive problems including Irritable bowel syndrome, SIBO, parasites, leaky gut, and inflammatory bowel disease.

Adrenal Fatigue

Chronic stress, poor sleep, and the hectic pace of our modern lifestyle can overwhelm our ability to cope with daily life, leading to Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome. Dr. Soszka can help you improve your energy, better deal with stress, and restore adrenal function.

Dr Soszka's Book

Hypothyroidism is one of the most misdiagnosed and undertreated conditions in our modern times. The Thyroid Fix reveals the truth about thyroid disorders and shows you how to discover the hidden triggers that cause thyroid problems.

30-Day Guide to a Healthier Thyroid

Are you tired of addressing thyroid symptoms without getting to the root causeThis free guide shows you specific steps to improve your thyroid health by making simple yet impactful lifestyle changes. Many who have followed this process have experienced more energy, weight loss, better digestion, and clear thinking.

Dr Soszka

It’s Dr. Soszka’s mission to help you find and treat the root cause of your health concern using proven functional and restorative medicine tests and therapies.

Uncovering the real cause of your illness can be challenging on your own. That’s why he focuses on understanding not just your symptoms but your health history. Combining your detailed medical history along with comprehensive functional medicine lab tests can help us reveal the triggers that cause and perpetuate your health problems. Once we understand why your health has suffered, we can create a comprehensive and customized treatment plan to help you achieve optimal health.

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My book, The Thyroid Fix is available on Amazon!

Find solutions to your thyroid problems with The Thyroid Fix

The Thyroid Fix is Dr. Soszka’s award-winning book that provides the answers you’ve been looking for to help you get your thyroid back on track. available now on Kindle and as a paperback.

In this book, you will discover why doctors commonly miss most thyroid problems due to outdated testing methods. Dr. Soszka provides all the important information you need to get the results you’ve been looking for!

How Dr. Soszka Can Help You

Dr. Soszka has been helping patients overcome health conditions for over 23 years. He is a recognized functional medicine expert in thyroid and digestive disorders. He has helped thousands find relief from these conditions and many other health problems.

Telemedicine Visits
Shawn Soszka, ND, LAc, FABNE

Shawn Soszka, ND, LAc, FABNE

Board Certified Naturopathic Endocrinologist

Dr. Soszka is a naturopathic physician, licensed acupuncturist, and board certified naturopathic  endocrinologist who works with patients helping them achieve optimal health and teaching them how to live a life that creates and maintains excellent health and an exceptional sense of well-being.

He is the author of The Thyroid Fix, an award-winning book on Amazon. Dr. Soszka specializes in thyroid and digestive disorders. He also treats adrenal fatigue and chronic pain conditions.

Dr. Soszka has also served as an Adjunct Professor at the National University of Natural Medicine where he taught Gastroenterology and other important naturopathic topics. He is currently accepting new patients at the NW Functional Thyroid Clinic located in the Woodstock neighborhood of Southeast Portland.

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