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Dr Soszka moves to Beeson Wellness Center full time!

Dr. Soszka Moves His Practice to Beeson Wellness Center

After 5 years at the Blue Sky Wellness Studio, I am moving my clinical practice to Beeson Wellness Center located in Sellwood Neighborhood of Southeast Portland. I will begin full time on August 1st. My last day seeing patients at Blue Sky will be July 28th. I am only accepting new patients at the Beeson Wellness Center. One of the most exciting aspects of this move is my expanded hours which will be Monday through Friday.

Much like my previous clinic, Blue Sky Wellness, I accept most medical insurance plans which can be viewed here. It is important to confirm that your insurance plan covers naturopathic and acupuncture care. CareOregon Patients: please note I am not yet contracted with CareOregon at the new clinic, and cannot see CareOregon patient until the new facility is approved. This expected to be completed by mid-August.

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Learn more about the Beeson Wellness Center

I am very excited to be joining the Beeson clinic which has been in operation since 1974. Dr. Dan Beeson is a chiropractor with 42 years of experience and is well respected within the alternative medicine community as well as in the community at large. I bring my expertise of treating digestive, thyroid, adrenal, hormone, and chronic pain disorders which complements the services already offered at the Beeson Wellness Center. The clinic overlooks the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Preserve, and its common to spot a bald eagle from the wall panel windows.

I am accepting new patients, and welcoming existing patients at my new location. Additionally, I am expanding the services being offered in clinic to include trigger point injections, onsite x-ray services, and will be offering prolotherapy and IV therapy in the near future.

New patients are encouraged to check insurance coverage for services. All new patient forms can be downloaded here. Come check out the beautiful clinic at the Beeson Wellness Center. It is a truly remarkable place for healing!!

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Upcoming Lecture on Fatigue at New Seasons

Upcoming Lecture on Fatigue at New Seasons

Hello, Dr. Soszka here, I’m pleased to announce that I am lecturing on the subject of fatigue at the newly opened “Woodstock” New Seasons Market on February, 17th 2015. This talk will be on Wednesday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 pm. The title of the lecture is “Unraveling the Mystery of Fatigue“.

I believe the title is fitting when discussing fatigue since many people are left with no solid answers about why they are constantly tired. Fatigue has many possible causes, many of which often unrecognized by conventional medicine. Most conventional practitioners will look for causes such as sleep apnea, iron anemia, and thyroid disorders. Patient who test negative for these three are often labeled as “depressed”, which I believe is a diagnosis that is commonly used incorrectly.Fatigue Lecture

Certainly sleep apnea is a significant factor in fatigue, however the predisposing factors for this condition are not typically addressed: obesity, airway tissue weakness (think vitamin deficiencies), airway inflammation (allergies and chronic inflammation) and so on. Likewise, anemia, whether iron or other nutrients, can certainly play a role in fatigue. Finally, thyroid conditions are actually commonly missed, because physicians typically order TSH level exclusively, and there is disagreement about which lab ranges levels are ideal. Thyroid Stimulating hormone (TSH) is the hormone sent from the pituitary to signal the thyroid to make more thyroid hormone. Unfortunately, there are far more thyroid dysfunction patterns that don’t show up when ordering TSH lab test exclusively.

In this presentation, I will explore the possible underlying causes of poor energy including vitamin and mineral deficiencies, sleep disorders, adrenal and thyroid dysfunction, and stealth infections. I will also discuss the many holistic option to restore one’s energy level to optimal levels. If you want to learn more about fatigue, please join me at this lecture next week.

If you wish to attend this lecture please email New Seasons Market directly at: [email protected]

Dr. Soszka Now Accepting United Healthcare Insurance

Dr. Soszka is now in network with United Healthcare

Dr. Soszka is pleased to announce that he is now accepting new patients with alternative benefits within United Healthcare insurance plans. He joined the preferred provider panel in February 2012. If you are seeking a Naturopathic physician and/or licensed acupuncturist in Portland, Oregon covered by United Healthcare please call our clinic for an appointment or consultation today!

Please note, it’s important to check your alternative care benefits to determine eligibility, limitations, and co-pay/co-insurance obligations. The office staff at Blue Sky Wellness Studio will gladly check your United Healthcare benefits for you before your first visit by either calling (503) 238-7025 during clinic hours. We are able to confirm benefits within 24 hours in most cases.

Dr. Soszka practices at the Beeson Wellness Clinic in the Sellwood Neighborhood in Southeast Portland. He uses a combination of Naturopathic and Chinese medicine to find both relief and resolution of many health issues: abdominal pain to varicose veins, auto injury to irritable bowel syndrome, and fatigue to weight loss, to name just a few.

Dr. Soszka is also a preferred provider with Regence Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Premera Blue Cross/Blue Shield, HealthNet, Providence, PacificSource, Kaiser Permanente (The CHP Group), Cigna, Lifewise, American Specialty Health, Oregon Workers Compensation, and all active auto injury cases. We will gladly check your benefits should you have coverage with any of these carriers as well.

Dr. Soszka at Baby Boomer Lifestyle Expo – Oct 22-24

2010 Baby Boomer Expo

Dr. Soszka and all of the practitioners at the American Integrated Chiropractic Clinic will have a booth (#136) at the Baby Boomer Lifestyle Expo which will be held at the Portland Expo Center from October 22nd to 24th. Our focus is on the natural treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy. I’ve been working closely with Dr. Dennis Sullivan, one of the Chiropractors at the clinic who specializes in peripheral neuropathy, to integrate acupuncture into the current treatment protocols established at the clinic.

The expo is great opportunity to see what we have developed - we will be providing free consultations, exams, and testing at booth 136.

Come out and say hello!

Welcome to DrSoszka.com

Welcome to my website DrSoszka.com! In making this site, my goal is to give you honest and accurate information and news about natural health. I am a licensed Naturopathic physician and Chinese medicine practitioner in Portland, Oregon. I have the knowledge and experience to give you the guidance you need to enjoy optimal health naturally. So check back as this site is developing rapidly.

To your good health,
Dr. Shawn Soszka