Dr. Soszka’s New Book “Fix Your Thyroid” Launches on March 11th!

Book Release: Fix Your Thyroid

I am pleased to announce my new book, Fix Your Thyroid: How to Reduce Fatigue, Lose Weight, and Balance Your Hormones is now available on Amazon.com for pre-order, with the book being released on March 11th, 2018.

In my new book, I focus on the functional and holistic treatment options for the different types of thyroid disorders. The thyroid is the key regulator of metabolism and sets the speed at which the cells of the body function, it also plays a fundamental role in the production of energy. For this reason, any imbalance in thyroid function can cause a progressive decline in your health. Sadly, many aspects of thyroid treatment offered by conventional medicine are limited and fail to address nutritional imbalances that created the environment for low thyroid function.

Understanding Your Thyroid Condition

I provide a comprehensive overview of the different forms of thyroid dysfunction. This includes the more common forms of hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone production) with a special focus on Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. Additionally, I review the lesser known “Thyroid hormone conversion disorder” in which the thyroid may produce normal amounts of thyroid hormone but the ability of convert thyroid hormone from the inactive T4 to the metabolically active T3 thyroid hormone is impaired. This results in many of the same symptoms of classical hypothyroidism (fatigue, brain fog, weight gain, imbalanced hormones, etc) but with more subtle changes to thyroid lab results.

The Hidden Causes of Thyroid Disorders

Additionally, I show how health disorders in other parts of the body can trigger thyroid conditions. This includes adrenal dysfunction such as adrenal fatigue syndrome, digestive disorders including how infections, leaky gut syndrome, food allergies increase inflammation and decrease absorption of important nutrients needed for normal thyroid function. How our increasingly polluted environment is causing chronic inflammation which is slowing down our metabolism.

A Plan for Rebalancing Your Health

Understanding your condition is important, but being able to take steps to improve your health is vital. I discuss the nutrients that are often low and the ways to accurately test for deficiencies. Likewise, I review several of the popular diets recommended for thyroid conditions and provide the key components to a healthy diet that helps remove the burdens that keep your body inflamed and prevent you from feeling your best.

Available for Pre-Order Now

My new book is set to be released on Amazon Kindle on March 11th, 2018 at a discounted pre-order price of 99 cents. Pick up your copy today as the price will increase once it is released. Click the link below.

Pre-Order Your Copy Today!

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