Patient Testimonials

Here’s What Patients Say About Dr. Soszka’s Holistic Approach to Health Care



“Dr. Shawn has changed my life! I have seen Dr. Soszka for less than a month. I have lost 9 pounds by eating clean and doing exactly as he told me. I don’t eat unhealthy anymore, including inflammatory foods. I have never felt so good! I am totally energized. My quality of life has improved helping me to enjoy life…and I am sleeping better! ”



“Dr. Shawn is amazing! Not only is he caring, he takes the time to listen, and is very knowledgeable. After 2 acupuncture treatments, I have walked for the first time in 7 months!”


“Dr. Soszka helped me reduce my varicose veins and eliminate PMS both of which I have suffered with since I was a teenager. His approach was simple, natural, and effective. After years of trying other therapies including medication with undesirable effects…”



“After a severe bout with sciatica (really bad lower back pain) on a cruise that had just gotten underway, I thought I was in real trouble for the 7 day trip. Fortunately for me, Dr. Soszka was the on-board doctor. I did not believe in acupuncture nor did I favor the needles involved but after three sessions with Dr. Soszka I was a firm believer in the practice. To this day, I STILL have no pain! Dr. Soszka was a lifesaver that week. And he “instantly” cured my sea sickness as well (on the very first visit!) I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Soszka.”


“I was involved in a car accident last October which left me with neck, shoulder, and back pain. Unfortunately the accident was bad enough that I was injured worse than most people. Thankfully, with Dr. Soszka’s acupuncture expertise along with the other care I received the clinic, the long journey to recovery has been a whole lot shorter than was expected. I believe that at times it was the acupuncture that kept me functioning at all. Dr. Soszka is a very knowledgeable and caring individual who gets results and has helped me recover. I highly recommend him!”


“I met Dr. Soszka last March while traveling on a cruise. I was a bit skeptical when I first listened to his presentation on acupuncture. Being needle phobic, I was pleasantly surprised to find the needles weren’t painful, and the benefits from 3 treatments rid me of my pain in my hands, hips, and knees for 8 months now. I would highly recommend anyone with chronic pain to try it. I would also recommend Dr. Soszka without hesitation to anyone”